Vehicle Safety Checks – Keep Your Car Roadworthy

All drivers in the U. K. have a responsibility to make sure their vehicle is fit for the road. Of who the dog owner is regardless, it’s the driver who can be prone to fine or prosecution.

It really is thought that 1 / 3 of commercial automobiles on Britain’s roads have incorrect tyre pressures or perhaps defective tyres. If you are using the following program you will eliminate up safer on the highway rather than fall foul of regulations. Use this acronym to make sure you stay free from incident.
F. L. O. W. E. R.

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F. Stands for fuel. Ensure you have sufficient fuel before a quest. Running out of gas is the biggest reason behind vehicle breakdown currently. A good tip is always to under no circumstances let your gasoline gauge fall to significantly less than 25 % of a tank.

L. Switch on your entire lights and walk the vehicle circular. Place the hazard warning lamps to check all indicators job. In daylight even, a law enforcement check finding defective lamps could bring about penalties. If you carry spare light bulbs replacement is normally simple and instant then.

O. Oil. Without enough essential oil an engine could seize, leading to a lot of money of harm. Check your essential oil level with the engine powered down and parked on level floor using the essential oil dipstick, and best up as necessary. Idea: Wear latex gloves when checking the oil. Don’t wait till the oil warning light comes on, by then the situation could be critical.

W. Water or coolant. Check levels of windscreen washer fluid and engine coolant- make sure the engine is cold before this. Never open a radiator cap when the engine is hot. Use the correct anti-freeze in the coolant and screenwash in the washer tank.

Regular checks will mean a leak will be spotted earlier and lessens the risk of serious engine damage. If either the oil filler cap or radiator cap show signs of emulsion forming under them, then possibly the engine has a cylinder head problem. Take to the garage and have it checked out.

Italian Trulli

E. Electrics. Make sure all warning lights go out when the engine starts. The heaters and demisters, windscreen wipers and all other switchgear should operate normally. In the winter start the engine before switching on the lights, wipers, heaters etc. This will put much less strain on the battery, and prolong it’s life.

R. Rubber, or tyres. Check all tyres- including the spare for any cuts or bulges on the sidewalls. Tyres should have a minimum of 1 . 6mm tread on the full circumference and central three quarters width. Remember to check pressures when tyres are cold.

This is actually the best winter traveling tip I have you ever heard: If your windscreen is covered in ice or frost, pull the wipers from the display screen and clean most frost and ice from their website, clean the windscreens then. This will make certain wiper blades don’t tear, and the wiper electric motor won’t burn up. All this saves your money!

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