Various benefits of Charcoal powder

Charcoal powder is a natural substance which can absorb toxin and chemical from your body. When you use charcoal powder for natural healing it is best to use coconut activated charcoal powder. You can get many benefits by consuming charcoal powder like treatment for poisoning or drug overdose.

Other than this you can use it to get rid of bloating, lower cholesterol, teeth whitening, water purification, healing wounds and many more. While using charcoal powder make sure it is not acid washed. Do you want to buy pure activated charcoal powder?

You can go to and order the quantity you want. This is an Australian based company and they sell food graded, NSF Certified steam activated Charcoal.

Their product is of high quality and getting more popular among charcoal users. if you want to use it for health-related purposes make sure not to buy acid washed charcoal because it may don’t have the power to absorb harmful bacteria and other toxins. Here are some benefits you can get from using charcoal powder.

1. Charcoal as a teeth whitener

Charcoal powder can be used as a teeth whitener. It is the best natural remedy to remove yellow stains from your teeth. It has the power to absorb cavity causing bacteria and other stain particles from your teeth. All you have to do it make charcoal paste by mixing it with water and brush your teeth with it. Dry charcoal powder is also good but because of its rough nature using charcoal paste is advisable.

2. Removes intestinal gas and bloating

Carbon activated charcoal is a very good solution to get rid of gas and bloating. It binds that gas-generating food bi-products. All you have to do is take a spoon of charcoal powder and mix it into a half glass of water. Drink it after food. This is also a good remedy to prevent diarrhea, and bowel inflammations. You can carry a bottle of charcoal powder while you travel anywhere. It will give you an immediate relief

3. Water purifier

Charcoal is very good for purifying water. Active charcoal helps to filter impurities, pesticides and other chemicals. Also, it can trap virus and other dangerous bacteria from water and purify it. Pure water is very essential for good health. So, you can use activated charcoal powder to purify water.

Final words

Other than the above-mentioned benefits you can use Charcoal powder to fight with snake bit, skin infections, inflammation in body etc. you can go to and order online or else mail to this email address To get pure charcoal powder with reasonable price you can get it from activated-carbon charcoal Australia.

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