The best way to Choose a Barbecue Smoker

You’ll find practically endless variations in methodology based upon gear, the style of BBQ or smoker grill and private preferences. Nevertheless, listed below are some universal guidelines for selecting a barbecue smoker grill.


A smoker really should be a long term investment. As a basic rule, purchase the ideal smoker it is possible to afford and justify. Listed here are some considerations.


When you just don’t have time to preserve a charcoal or wood fire for extended burns, contemplate gas or electric. Smoke is generated by heating shavings or sawdust. You might sacrifice the genuine wood smoke flavor along with the feeling of pride and accomplishment derived from managing a fire adequately for a long time for you to create outstanding barbecue.

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Good-One Patio Smoker/Grills are portable and straightforward to make use of. Charcoal will give some smoke flavor which may be supplemented by adding chunks of wood during the burn. The more affordable water smokers require a great deal of fire tending and are often modified to enhance performance.

The Good-One Smoker/Grill is additional high-priced but is properly constructed, tough, and controllable, holds temperature to get a extended time and is assembled and ready to Smoke proper off the sales floor. Kettles and barrel smokers could be employed but specific precautions and approaches are required to maintain the correct temperature and avoid flare-ups.


Are you just going to cook for household in addition to a couple of friends, or have huge parties or even do some catering?


This really is how uncomplicated it truly is to move the smoker around, all Good-One Patio models include ten? pneumatic tire for quick portability.

Metal Thickness and Quality

Check the thickness on the metal building, also look for Smokers that are welded collectively not bolted. The Less expensive the smoker the far more bolts to hold it together, hence causing heat loss amongst the bolt joints.

Temperatures and Smoke

Temperature is definitely what distinguishes Smoking from other types of cooking with fire. Smoking can be a kind of smoke cooking but smoke cooking (which includes larger temperatures) is not necessarily barbecuing. You may use a grill to produce barbecue but it will not be grilling (also a higher temperature cooking system). Cold smoking is done at temperatures of significantly less than 120º F.

Truly, you will discover only two guidelines in Smoking on Good-One Smoker/Grill barbecues…

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Low and slow: Lengthy cooking instances of four to twenty four hours, depending upon the meat, at temperatures ranging from 200º to 275º F. measured at the meat level enables challenging meat to acquire tender with out drying out. 225º to 250º is excellent.

Maintain your smoke sweet: Stale or acrid smoke leads to a sturdy, bitter and unpleasant flavor.

Maintain a modest but active fire

Sustain airflow by way of the smoker. Keep the upper spinner open 1 ½ turns and regulate the fire with all the bottom spinners Don’t let the fire smolder or starve for air.

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