Saint Joseph Cuvée Sphéérique 2014. Domaine des Amphores.

Wine Nature, biodynamic

Wine Nature, without sulfur, the cuvée ” Sphé-érique ” is the only wine produced biodynamically by the Domaine des Amphores on the Saint-Joseph appellation. This is a micro-cuvée Domaine, very interesting because it can be compared to the other two St.

Joseph produced by the Estate, and see what work biodynamic brings to the wine. Indeed, the cépée Sphéérique presents a taste panel “wide”, a magnitude of flavors quite extraordinary and a “relief” in the mouth very vast.

Italian Trulli


The wine has a nice freshness on the nose with notes of mint and liquorice. On the palate, we first notice the lightness and elegance of this very digestible wine. The explosion of red fruits, raspberry, strawberry and currant gives way to an elaborate structure supported by a slight acidity.

On the palate, the wine is full and particularly expressive. The tannins are present but subtle. A real success offering an accomplished and greedy Syrah.

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